Magnetic holder FIXED Icon Flex on dashboard with hinge, black

Magnetic holder FIXED Icon Flex on dashboard with hinge, black




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<br><br><b>FIXED ICON-Powerful in every angle<br></b>Magnetic holder FIXED ICON solves the problem of how to use a mobile phone in a car comfortably, easily and most importantly safely. No more unnecessary fines for the phone by the ear, in the ICON holde

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FIXED ICON-Powerful in every angle
Magnetic holder FIXED ICON solves the problem of how to use a mobile phone in a car comfortably, easily and most importantly safely. No more unnecessary fines for the phone by the ear, in the ICON holder your mobile phone will always be nicely at hand and in the eyes. Compared to classic large holders, it saves space on the dashboard, does not obstruct the view and does not require any complicated settings. Using a magnetic holder is intuitive and addictive. Just attach the phone to ICON and the magnets will take care of everything, not even moving. It's just as easy to take off your cell phone. You will simply fall in love with FIXED ICON at first sight.

Clever design from the Czech head
At the beginning, the idea was to design a magnetic holder that would be perfect in all directions. Just "Powerful in every angle". In cooperation with the leading Czech design studio NOVO, after almost a year of hard work and testing, a new series of FIXED magnetic holders called ICON was created. A sleek shape that fits like a glove on all possible smartphones on the market, six magnets for perfect stability, an integrated joint allowing rotation to the ideal angle and a smart charging cable holder. It has everything you've always wanted from a car holder, and it looks great.

I click and go
Seat in the car, attach your cell phone to the ICON-"click"-and you can leave. Easy and fast, it couldn't be simpler. No unnecessary delays with complicated fastening as with pliers holders. That's why the magnetic holder is so popular, it saves your nerves and time. In addition, valuable space on the dashboard.

Holds as nailed
Everyone knows that driving on our roads can sometimes shake the car nicely. And fishing while the phone falls out of the holder while driving is also no honey. That's why we equipped our ICON with six extra strong magnets for perfect stability. Just attach your phone to ICON and you don't care anymore. It just doesn't move, we guarantee it. You can easily go off-road. And no worries, ICON magnets do not interfere with the mobile signal, nor do they harm the hardware inside your pet.

Always in the eyes of
While driving, there is no time to look for where the phone is. Proper bracket adjustment is especially important for your safety. You can easily turn our ICON to the ideal position with a swivel joint. And then you have the phone under control at the blink of an eye. Whether you need to quickly check the map in the navigation, check who's calling, or skip the next song in the playlist. Your phone will always be pretty visible, just the way you need it.

Charging while driving
The eternal search for a car charger cable that lies tangled somewhere under the deck. With FIXED ICON, this is not the case. You can easily attach the charging cable to the cable holder on the ICON base and you will always have it nicely at hand. And when the flashlight in your mobile phone turns red, you know where to reach.

On board as at home
V packaging of our ICONs you will find everything you need to install in your car. And everyone can do it, no worries. You choose the right place on the board, clean it with the enclosed cloth and use the extra strong 3M sticker to stick the holder. Then all you have to do is prepare your phone. You can stick the extra thin metal plate in the package on the back of the mobile phone, or you can insert it between the phone and the cover. Done, it couldn't be easier.

-magnetic phone holder for car dashboard
-allows you to use your phone comfortably and safely in your car
-Six extra strong magnets ensure 100% stability of the phone even in the event of the greatest shocks
-integrated 360 ° swivel joint for ideal adjustment of the phone to the driver's field of




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